Media and equality.

I bet each one of us grew up hearing about equality in society. And in some or the other situation felt like there is nothing like equality between people in society. This is one such situation everyone faces but hardly realizes because we are somehow used to this  partiality now.

Here I am not talking about difference and discrimination related to caste, community or religion. Here, I am putting lights on MEDIA AND ITS GAME OF TRP’s. Media is one of the fourth pillar of democracy. And we expect the media of our country to be honest and unbiased. But is this seen in the news covered by media lately? No.

Recently, bollywood actor, Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan was tested positive for corona virus along with his family members except his wife Jaya Bachan. No grudges to the actor and all respect to him and wish for his well-being but; All the news channels and media reporting started broadcasting it right from Sir Bacchan’s place to Nanavati Hospital. They started live telecast at 12, exactly at the time when the reports were out. He was admitted to Nanavati Hospital and somehow the bed was also available. After some time, news came that his son Mr. Abhishek bacchan was also corona positive. Both of them were admitted to Nanavati hospital in a short span of time. They were provided with VIP facilities. Number of doctors were available, a team was assigned specifically for them. Aishwarya Rai B. and baby Aradhya were also diagnosed with corona. However, each o them were asymptomatic. Reports say that they’ll get discharge in couple of days.

The very next day I wake up to a news that said, family of four residing in Ulhasnagar who tested positive were forced to walk back home after waiting for three hours outside the hospital. Hospital couldn’t admit them because there was shortage of bed. My point here is, no media showed this on their channels as this could not give them high trp’s. There was a family in nashik that committed suicide due to financial crisis.  However, there were headlines about these incidents. But the news regarding these were shadowed by Amitabh bachhan’s report.

The only thing I want to point in this situation is its us who feeds this media with their trps. If we stop taking what they give and ask for some real stuff, they may stop manipulating us in the name of news. Because however, real news is never conveyed. What’s unnecessary is showed, necessary and actual things are always kept aside. This inequality by media, hosts of media happens because we as citizen are okay with the stuff they provide. News which actually should be headline was how common man is suffering due to this pandemic. How common people are facing problems and managing their livelihood because of this lockdown. Why are people forced to commit suicide, what makes them think of committing suicide. But instead of some real news stories, what they feed us with is how celebrities manage their lives, did they had their breakfast, did they sleep well, etc. They run behind the news that give them TRP’s and not actual updates related to society. This is how media and its equality works.

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2 thoughts on “MEDIA AND EQUALITY

  1. Equality is not given to us poor people suffers problem but rich person all gets facilities that’s poor doesn’t and media is biased. because they show only about rich person not about poor and there is no equality is given to us that Shifa vohra mentioned and it’s very good thought we should want equality in both poor and rich


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