Short introduction to FEMINSIM.

We all come across a term called Feminism many times in our daily lives. But how many of us actually know what it means? How many of us actually understand the true meaning of this word and concept?
However, Feminism is one simple concept talking about rights for females in every aspect of life. Rights to equality, Rights to be looked as Human before women are some of the basic demands Feminists ask to fulfill under Feminism.
Feminism is all about asking for independence in decisions of life. Feminism ask on broader level that Why is female reponsible and answerable for every question from every one in their lives.
Whether it is about studying, getting Married, having kids, living independently, moving abroad for studies, etc. Why people don’t even consider  thinking for second time before putting allegations against women’s character. Whether she’s studying,  she’s not married, she’s single mother,  she’s divorcee, a women is tend to face ugly comments from everyone in thier lives.
Why? I ask Why?
Why such differences. Why do people always forget that world has completely changed into a new dimension. Why people still believe in Gender discrimination.
Feminism is all about asking this questions to every people in the society and making them believe that Females are no less than Males. Females are equally  stronger and capable of taking  intellectual decisions like males. But still, Females are considered emotional and weak.  World is moving ahead in every aspect  but still, when there are some opinions   passed by a woman, they consider it the last.
Feminism puts a question mark in front of this behaviour.  Feminism asks for equal opportunities as men. Feminism ask for freedom, justice and right to live freely as human first in this male dominated world. Feminism questions that how can a gender specify strengths and knowledge potential. Feminism exclaims that how being a female can be a drawback. Everyone knows that somewhere females are allowed to work as Pilots and somewhere they aren’t even allowed to complete their 10th grade education and are married before that. Somewhere females are allowed to take decisions for whole country and are  given positions in bureaucracy and diplomacy, however  in some corners females are not even allowed to utter a word in family decisions and are beaten up for opening mouth. Somewhere out there females are representing their nations on sports field, athletics and in some corners females are killed, hitted either for dowry or for honor killing or they are forced to have kids until she gives birth to male child. This just not affect mother’s health but the female children are affected too because of less care and attention and very casual behaviour.

Females are the ones who play every role of their life incredibly. Then Why every time a Girl is asked to compromise in different aspects whether studies, dreams, marriages, etc.

No one’s superior; No one gets the right to dominate other, every gender is equally important. Yes, Every gender is equally important.

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