Media and equality. I bet each one of us grew up hearing about equality in society. And in some or the other situation felt like there is nothing like equality between people in society. This is one such situation everyone faces but hardly realizes because we are somehow used to this  partiality now. Here I […]


Short introduction to FEMINSIM.

We all come across a term called Feminism many times in our daily lives. But how many of us actually know what it means? How many of us actually understand the true meaning of this word and concept?However, Feminism is one simple concept talking about rights for females in every aspect of life. Rights to […]

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Places to visit in mumbai

Located on the western coast of Maharashtra and at the banks of Arabian sea, Mumbai city is seen in the list of biggest tourist destinations of India. Mumbai is rich in natural heritage, architectural monuments as well as historical evidences. Amusement parks and religious places have a long list to visit in Mumbai too. Apart […]

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